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Applications Go Here

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Author Topic: Applications Go Here  (Read 78 times)
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« on: October 18, 2009, 12:05:01 am »

Ok. Basically, here's where you go for the big leagues and ask me to become an e4. However, I do ask that you have been a gym leader already before asking to become e4, because I will have a better idea of your skills and playing style. This way, I can judge better. As with gyms, you can converse with me on my aim, marthaurion.
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« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2010, 09:51:09 pm »

At last it touched the ground and he jumped out and looked about him. He was in a beautiful valley, full of meadows and streams, with a splendid castle standing by. As the door was open he walked in, but a lovely maiden met him and implored him to go back, for the owner of the castle was a dragon with six heads, who had stolen her from her home and brought her down to this underground spot. But Paul refused to listen to all her entreaties, and declared that he was not afraid of the dragon, and did not care how many heads he had; and he sat down calmly to wait for him.
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In a little while the dragon came in,Archlord gold and all the long teeth in his six heads chattered with anger at the sight of the stranger.
'I am Shepherd Paul,' said the young man, 'and I have come to fight you, and as I am in a hurry we had better begin at once.'
'Very good,' answered the dragon. 'I am sure of my supper, but let us have a mouthful of something first, just to give us an appetite.'
world of  warcraft gold,
Whereupon he began to eat some huge boulders as if they had been cakes,world of  warcraft gold and when he had quite finished, he offered Paul one. Paul was not fond of boulders, but he took a wooden knife and cut one in two, then he snatched up both halves in his hands and threw them with all his strength at the dragon, so that two out of the six heads were smashed in. At this the dragon, with a mighty roar, rushed upon Paul, but he sprang on one side, and with a swinging blow cut off two of the other heads. Then, seizing the monster by the neck, he dashed the remaining heads against the rock.
maple story mesos,
When the maiden heard that the dragon was dead,maple story mesos she thanked her deliverer with tears in her eyes, but told him that her two younger sisters were in the power of dragons still fiercer and more horrible than this one. He vowed that his sword should never rest in its sheath till they were set free, and bade the girl come with him, and show him the way.
2moons dil,
The maiden gladly consented to go with him,2moons dil but first she gave him a golden rod, and bade him strike the castle with it. He did so, and it instantly changed into a golden apple, which he put in his pocket. After that, they started on their search.
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They had not gone far before they reached the castle where the second girl was confined by the power of the dragon with twelve heads,replica sunglasses who had stolen her from her home. She was overjoyed at the sight of her sister and of Paul, and brought him a shirt belonging to the dragon, which made every one who wore it twice as strong as they were before. Scarcely had he put it on when the dragon came back, and the fight began. Long and hard was the struggle, but Paul's sword and his shirt helped him, and the twelve heads lay dead upon the ground.
wedding dresses,
Then Paul changed the castle into an apple,wedding dresses which he put into his pocket, and set out with the two girls in search of the third castle.
It was not long before they found it, and within the walls was the third sister, who was younger and prettier than either of the other two. Her husband had eighteen heads, but when he quitted the lower regions for the surface of the earth, he left them all at home except one, which he changed for the head of a little dwarf, with a pointed beard.
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